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Paper Cross Paper Fold
(by Peter Gardner)

Many of you have probably seen the paper fold and cut routine where a piece of paper is folded up and then with one straight cut the cross is produced.  I think that this was first described in a small pamphlet called "Willane's Wizardry".

There are several alternatives using this simple fold and cut and we will describe some of them, as they can be used for different talks.

The diagram below shows how to fold the paper and cut it once to make a church altar complete with lighted candles. We use A4 sized paper but you can use A3 if you want a bigger picture.  It will probably work just as well with foolscap sized paper as well.

All the information that you need is in the diagrams below.

Diagram 1. Fold the top short edge AB across to AC

Diagram 2. Fold point A down to E to give you Diagram 3.

Diagram 3. Fold BC over to EA to give Diagram 4.

Diagram 4. Bold BCAE over to D to give Diagram 5.

Diagram 5. Cut all the way up the centre.

How to fold and cut the paper

Picture of pieces laid out to form a church altar with lighted candles

You do not throw any of the pieces away in any of the various options. Each piece is used.

The word Hell in paper

The word Life in Paper

The second option gives you the cross of Jesus and the word HELL. The story being that if you take away the cross of Jesus then all you have left to you is HELL. To make HELL use the two large L shaped pieces as the two letter l's. The two smaller L shaped pieces and one of the small square pieces form the letter E and the two upright pieces and the remaining square piece form the letter H.

The third option gives you the cross of Jesus and the word Life produced as in the picture above.

Picture of calvary in paper pieces

The fourth option and our favourite is Calvary. You get the cross of Jesus plus a smaller cross either side. The banner on top of Jesus's cross that Pilate put there saying Jesus of Nazareth King of The Jews. You get the spear in Jesus's side plus the two dice that the soldiers rolled to decide who should get his robe. One of the large L shaped pieces plus one of the small L shaped pieces make the cross each side of Jesus's cross. If you lay the smaller L piece on the larger one in the right way it will make a cross. One of the upright pieces becomes the banner above Jesus's head. The other one is laid diagonally against the large cross, this is the spear in Jesus's side. The two small square pieces are the dice and are placed at the foot of the cross.

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